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Re Echomax EM230-230BR

In 2003 ECHOMAX obtained EU Marine equipment Directive (MED) (Wheel Mark) - SOLAS certification for the EM230/230BR - EM305PE based on ISO 8729-1997.

The adoption of IMO MSC.164 (78) in May 2004 resulted in new ISO standards being generated; ISO8729-1 (passive) and ISO8729-2 (Active) later becoming effective from 23rd July 2009. In accordance with the Directive we were required to remove the Ships Wheel Mark from our rotational tooling, products, literature, website etc.

Since no commercial passive reflector within the 0.5m3 and 5kg limitations will meet ISO 8729-1 this left a void in the market for the last three years causing both confusion and uncertainty regarding which reflector can be fitted to lifeboats, rescue craft etc.

In August 2012 the EU COSS (Committee on Safe Seas and the Prevention of Pollution from Ships), the arbitrators for the MED, met to debate, amongst other subjects, the lack of available product to meet the requirements for a “radar reflector for lifeboats and rescue boats” (Directive Annex A1/1.33). For practical purpose this SOLAS requirement can only be fulfilled by a Passive device, and none are available!

As a result COSS reinstated the old ISO-8729-1997 for lifeboats and rescue craft, ONLY until such time as a passive reflector becomes available which meets ISO8729-1.

We have since re-gained our Ships Wheel Mark for our EM230/230BR and the BABT -TUV Module B and D certificates and Certificate of Conformity are available for inspection if required.

Uncertainty still exists for RTE’s, now in Annex A1 (A.1/4.53) as our Active-XS exceeds the ISO8729-2 and we have the option of applying for a Ships Wheel Mark at a mere £15K+. However the MCA will not state what vessels, if any, must fit such a device making it impossible to invest so much without any guarantee of a return.

A QinetiQ Opinion that our Active-XS meets ISO 8729-2 is available for inspection

Re Echomax EMA03I inflatable ball reflector for liferafts

This has QinetiQ SOLAS Certification for use in liferafts.  A copy of the Certificate is available if required