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Navigational Buoys

EM700 Buoy is a low cost maintence free foam filled navigation buoy for use in estuaries, harbours and inshore waters. Ideal for riverside boat yards and yacht clubs.


Maintenance free, foam filled Navigation buoys in yellow or green cones or red cans for:

  • Estuaries, harbours and inshore waters
  • Riverside boat yards and yacht clubs
  • Dinghy or yacht race markers
  • Fish farms

Optional extras:

  • Echomax EM230 radar reflector
  • Sealite SL15 or Carmanah M550
  • solar powered navigation light with a wide range of IALA preset codes and bird spike
  • St Andrews cross with lifting eye
  • Lifting eye options with or without navigation light 25kgs of ballast.


  • Height 1350mm
  • Width 700mm
  • Weight 25kgs
  • Buoyancy 110kgs
  • Focal plain 1185mm
  • Height 900mm
  • Width 700mm
  • Weight 16.5kgs
  • Buoyancy 110kgs
  • Focal plain 707mm

And now ECHOMAX can offer total flexibility with the new EM700 Short Buoy for inner harbours, estuaries and lakes.


A selection of buoys fitted with Echomax arrays