Aquamate Cases

Aquasafe is constructed to provide guaranteed protection from the elements during outdoor work and recreation. Made from tough PVC they protect from water, sand, dust, sun and even spilt drinks. Aquasafe is airtight so it floats in water (subject to the weight of the enclosed article).

Aquasafe protects the most valuable equipment but still allows delicate operation of items such as GPS, VHF and mobile telephones. Just talk and listen through the case as normal. The optic window in the camera case enables you to take photos in the rain, it also aids with everyday protection from humidity etc.

Aquasafe could not be easier to use. Place objects in the bag and locate the holes at the opening end over the lugs of one half of the clamp. Ensure levers are pointing outwards, place the clamps together and tighten by rotating the levers half a turn to seal.

  • Guaranteed protection from natures elements.

  • Airtight – so it floats! (subject to the weight of the enclosed article).

  • Ideal for Sportsmen, Fishermen, Wet Bikers, Windsurfers, Sailors, Police, Emergency Services, Water Sports, Ships’ Pilots etc.

  • Protects and allows contents to easily be used and seen.

  • Tailored to fit Mobile phones, Marine VHF, GPS, Palm Cases, Cameras, Credit Cards, Valuables and documents.

Mobile phone cases

AM1: 106 x 230mm

AM11: 78 x 140mm

AM12: 78 x 190mm

AM10: 107 x 145mm

VHF radio cases

AM2: 98 x 236mm

AM3: 110 x 310mm

AM9: 110 x 340mm

AM4: 132 x 383mm

AM8 is designed for waterproof radios, it aids floatation and the loop on the top enables retrieval with a boat hook.

AM8: 78 x 205mm

Camera Cases

AM6MD: 106 x 145mm 

AM6FF: 132 x 175mm

Both the AM6MD and the AM6FF will allow up to 25mm focus length.

Handy Bags

AM5: 132 x 250mm

AM7: 165 x 125mm

The AM5 and AM7 are ideal for passports and credit cards. The AM7 is designed to be worn around the waist

AM13: 106 x 170mm

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