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EM230 Midi Original

The medium sized Echomax radar reflector with a maximum 20M2 radar cross section is suitable for 8-15 metres sailing yachts - see photos of this being suspended from the spreaders by Arc rally entrants at Las Palmas -RIBs and motor cruisers. Suitable for mast, deck bracket or halyard suspension. Fully tested by QinetiQ. Exceeds RORC/ORC/WCC/ISAF requirement of 10M2.

@+/-3°-20m² peak, 75% @2.5m², 100% @1.25m²


  • Height: 450mm

  • Width: 245mm

  • Fixing centres: 408mm

  • Fixing holes: 8mm

  • Weight: 1.9kg

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Mounting options:

Sailing Yachts - Halyard Mount

Echomax reflectors use a symmetrical arrangement of interacting corners. Whilst its centreband response pattern is maintained at 15° tilt RCS is -5dB. To counter this, and avoid 'mast shadow'.

Pass a bight over the yardarm via a dead eye. Return bight through reflectors eye and secure taking lines through bight. Take tails through reflectors bottom eye and then to separate cleats via loops at --xx--.


Yachtsmen will be aware of the need to trim the reflector when on the reverse tack, failure to do so will result in compounding the angle of heel rendering the reflector inefficient.

Note: Reflector trimmed to leeward 15°. Mast heeling to 30°

Halyard mounting1.JPG

Echomax may be fitted in any position around the mast (i.e fore or aft).

Hypothetical figures on mast shadow may be viewed


Utilising Echomax stainless steel mast brackets (available separately) fit reflector as high as possible on the mast, using Monel or stainless steel rivets (3/16 x 1/2" 4.8 x 12.7mm). To avoid electrolytic action use zinc chromate paste between bracket and mast or closed cell foam tape. Firstly fix top bracket to mast in the required position, measure distance vertically between centres, mark position of lower bracket then drill and fix. Use two stainless steel hexagonal bolts 8mm dia x 30mm long to fix Echomax to the mounting brackets

EM230 mast brackets.JPG

There is also a deck bracket available separately for mounting to a flat surface.

EM230 midi deck bracket.JPG

EM230 Midi Basemount

EM230 basemount suitable for direct installation on wheel house roofs, RIB A frames, marker buoys. Robust four hole base fixing and supplied with fixing kit comprising of spacers to avoid over tightening and neoprene washers to absorb the shock of crashing down on waves at speed.

Chosen by the RNLI as best reflector for their fleet of 400 RIB's. After capsize tests and exhaustive sea trials, the Midi recorded 100% paints at 3.8 miles and 80% paints at 5 miles plus in sea state 'fair' although mounted only 2m above sea level. (RORC/ORC recommend 4m above sea level).

Available with optional factory fitted Lalizas DOT all round white or tri-colour navigation and four meters of cable or Hella LED 360 navigational all white light with 1 meter of cable – just bolt on and wire up!

Super strength magnetic base version also available for airside vehicles.

QinetiQ anechoic response see below

@+/-3°-20m² peak, 75% @2.5m², 100% @1.25m²


  • Height: 432mm (with fitted light - 540mm)

  • Width: 245mm

  • Base Diameter: 150mm

  • Fixing Centres: 4x6mm bolts at 80mm centres

  • Weight: 2.3kg (with fitted light - 2.5kg)

Basemount fixing kit.JPG

Fitting kit included with the EM230Midi Basemount

Midi Basemount is designed for A frames, pole mounting or base mount with suitable base for fixing on wheelhouse roofs. The EM230 Basemount is supplied with a fixing kit, shown above. As Polyethelene is subject to very slight expansion or contraction due to temperature changes periodical checking of the fixing is advised.

Basemount side.JPG
Basemount top.JPG
Basemount bottom.JPG

Shown below are a range of brackets available separately, suitable for use with the Basemount

QD Plate.JPG
Bracket for EM230MBM.JPG
Combi bracket.JPG

New for 2020

Redesigned Combi bracket

This item has multiple fixings to fit a wide range of radars.

The standard top will fit our EM230 basemount range of reflectors or a basemount fitting for our Actives.

There is also a top adapter plate available to provide multiple fittings for a light and Active radar reflector and one other item that uses 1 / 14tpi thread

For more information see our 'New Products' page 


Both models are available in white, orange, yellow, red, green and black

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