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Echomax now offer the EM12 a popular corner 12inch ball reflector, for everyday or emergency use.  The RORC recommend a mounting height of 4 metres above sea level or on small craft as high as possible.  Mount in the catch rain position with the  open corners facing the horizon. Mounting heights of 10-35 feet will give an approximate radar response between 4-7 nautical miles.  In the catch rain position the EM12 gives a maximum RCS of 5.57m2 and an average RCS of 1.77m2.  

  • Meets ISAF rules 2015 and on USCG approved radar reflector list

  • Optional extras: (sold separately)

  • P.V.C 6” 1/14 TPI - adapter fits all VHF-GPS fittings

  • Flange mount for direct cabin roof mount.

  • Sailboat use: suspend from rigging in catch rain position.

 Supplied as a flat pack for quick assembly and immediate use.

Packed dimensions are 13” x 13” and weighs just 730gms

(16.5 oz.)

*Fittings shown are sold separately.


Catch Rain 1.png

The above diagram shows the EM12 mounted in the catch rain position, the linear diagram  shows the maximum RCS of 5.57m2 in this position

E12 Linear.JPG
Double Catch Rain.png

The above diagram shows the EM12 mounted in the double catch rain position, the linear diagram shows the maximum RCS of 43.57m2 in this position

EM12 Double catch Rain.JPG

Fitting Instructions

Firstly lay out all the parts, you should have two disc's,  two semi circles and six corner correctors.

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