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The EM325 for use as a top mark for buoys or land hazards.

Maximum 86.04m2 RCS response with robust 5mm or 6mm thick UV resistant PE case to suit heavy navigation lights. 4 x 12mm Base fixings @ 200mm PCD with optional top fixings to suit a navigation light of your choice. Pedestals are also available separately.

Available in: I.A.L.A red,green or yellow


EM325 2 stack:

Height 513mm

Diameter 365mm

Weight 5.4kgs

Maximum RCS 62.15m2

Average RCS 7.92m2

EM325 3 stack:

Height 706mm

Diameter 365mm

Weight 7kgs

Maximum RCS 86.04m2

Average RCS 12.01m2

EM325 fixings.JPG
EM325 on Ped.jpg
EM325 2 stack linear.JPG

EM325 2 Stack

EM325 3 Stack

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