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EM700 Buoy

EM700 With Cone_Light Yellow.JPG

Low cost, maintenance free foam filled Polyethylene for use in estuaries, habours etc.

Available in red, yellow and green.

Height: 900mm


Weight: 16.5kgs


Focal plain: 707mm

Available with a wide range of lights, fittings and extra ballast.

New for 2020

All models are Rotationally moulded in UV stabilised LMDPE. Available in Yellow, Red or Green

EMF700 Float 3D Yellow.JPG

EMF700 Mooring Float

Height 586mm

Diameter 700mm

Weight 19kgs

Gross buoyancy 145.6kgs


EMF1250 Mooring Float

Available in two sizes 

Height 480/780mm

Diameter 1250mm

Weight 87/106kgs

Gross buoyancy 410/757kgs

EM1000 clipped better.jpg
EM1000 top clipped.jpg

EM1000 Pencil Buoy

Suitable for use in coastal waters, estuaries on rivers and in lakes.


Height  1110mm

Diameter 320mm

Weight 9.9kgs

Gross buoyancy 54kgs

EMPB1800 Pencil buoy.JPG
EM1800 top clipped.jpg

EM1800 Pencil Buoy

Suitable for use in coastal waters, estuaries, rivers and lakes.

Height  2080mm

Diameter  320mm.

Weight 20kgs

Gross buoyancy 109kgs

Optional Extras:

Fitted with an EM230 midi radar reflector

25kgs Ballast

Lifting eye

Solar light

EM1250 Buoy.jpg

EM1250 Navigational Buoy

Suitable for use in coastal waters, estuaries on rivers and in lakes.


Available in two sizes with either Can or Cone 

Height 1690/1990mm

Diameter  1250mm

Weight Cone 107.5/127kgs

Weight Can 108.5/128kgs 

Gross buoyancy Can 596/927

Gross buoyancy Cone 571/903kgs

Lifting frame made of galvanised mild steel.

Optional Extras 

EM230 radar reflector.

Solar light

St Andrews cross

St Andrews cross.JPG
St Andrews cross with plate.JPG

St Andrews cross available with or without a plate for a solar light.

A recent order ready for shipping, the 

EM1250 floats are stackable to keep shipping costs down.

buoys rwanda order.jpg
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