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Comes complete with fixing kit

Adapted from the very successful big brother with a high response of 8.3M2.  Suitable for 6-9 metre fast fishing boats, solves the problem of where to fit the radar reflector and the light.

Available with optional factory fitted :-

  • Lalizas DOT all round navigation light (illustrated) or Tri-colour light supplied with 4M of cable.

  • Hella LED 360 all round white supplied certified by RINA/USCG/IMO/NMMA to 2nm with 1M cable 

  • Orionis B LED with RINA certified to 2nm. Cable length to be specified.    

  • Fitting kit included

  • Maximum response of 8.3M2 average 1.3M2.

  • Width 245mm Height 268mm with light 340mm

  • 150mm Base fitting with 4 x 6mm fixings @ 80mm centres

  • Weight with light 1.6kg.

Just bolt on and wire up! Fit the QD Fitting whilst trailering to avoid damage caused by low obstacles such as trees, garage or barn entrances. 

Compact line drawing.JPG
QD fitting.jpg

The QD Plate is available as an optional extra.

Shown on right with the fixing kit which is supplied with the compact.

Consisting of two stainless steel plates, with a welded thread and hank nut, enables quick removal of unit when transporting, thus removing the danger of the unit being hit by tree branches etc

4 x 14mm holes with 80mm centres

Test results for pre 2020 EM230 compact

Compact linear diagram.gif

Test results for serial numbers 44233 onwards EM230 compact 

EM230 Compact results New array.JPG

The EM230 Compact is designed for A frames, pole mounting or base mount with suitable base for fixing on wheelhouse roofs. The EM230 Compact is supplied with a fixing kit, shown above. As Polyethelene is subject to very slight expansion or contraction due to temperature changes periodical checking of the fixing is advised.

Shown below are a range of brackets available separately, suitable for use with the EM230 Compact

QD Plate.JPG
Bracket for EM230MBM.JPG

New for 2020

Redesigned Combi bracket

This item has multiple fixings to fit a wide range of radars.

The standard top will fit our EM230 basemount range of reflectors or a basemount fitting for our Actives.

There is also a top adapter plate available to provide multiple fittings for a light and Active radar reflector and one other item that uses 1 / 14tpi thread

For more information see our 'New Products' page

Combi bracket.JPG
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