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Echomax now offer the EM12 a popular corner 12inch ball reflector, for everyday or emergency use.  The RORC recommend a mounting height of 4 metres above sea level or on small craft as high as possible.  Mount in the catch rain position with the  open corners facing the horizon. Mounting heights of 10-35 feet will give an approximate radar response between 4-7 nautical miles.  In the catch rain position the EM12 gives a maximum RCS of 5.57m2 and an average RCS of 1.77m2.  

  • Meets ISAF rules 2015 and on USCG approved radar reflector list

  • Optional extras: (sold separately)

  • P.V.C 6” 1/14 TPI - adapter fits all VHF-GPS fittings

  • Flange mount for direct cabin roof mount.

  • Sailboat use: suspend from rigging in catch rain position.

 Supplied as a flat pack for quick assembly and immediate use.

Packed dimensions are 13” x 13” and weighs just 730gms

(16.5 oz.)


**Please note you will need the adaptor and flange to base mount this unit.  Available seperatley **


Excluding Sales Tax
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