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EM230 basemount suitable for direct installation on wheel house roofs, RIB A frames, marker buoys. Robust four hole base fixing and supplied with fixing kit comprising of spacers to avoid over tightening and neoprene washers to absorb the shock of crashing down on waves at speed.

Chosen by the RNLI as best reflector for their fleet of 400 RIB's. After capsize tests and exhaustive sea trials, the Midi recorded 100% paints at 3.8 miles and 80% paints at 5 miles plus in sea state 'fair' although mounted only 2m above sea level. (RORC/ORC recommend 4m above sea level).

Available with optional factory fitted Lalizas DOT all round white or tri-colour navigation and four meters of cable or Hella LED 360 navigational all white light with 1 meter of cable – just bolt on and wire up!

Super strength magnetic base version also available for airside vehicles.

QinetiQ anechoic response see below

@+/-3°-20m² peak, 75% @2.5m², 100% @1.25m²


Midi Basemount is designed for A frames, pole mounting or base mount with suitable base for fixing on wheelhouse roofs. Use four 10mm stainless steel bolts of the appropriate length at 80mm PCD. It is essential that 17mm stainless steel washers are used to spread the load between the bolt head and the Echomax flange mount base. As Polyethelene is subject to very slight expansion or contraction due to temperature changes periodical checking of the fixing is advised.


EM230 Midi basemount with Lalizas LED

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