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The medium sized Echomax radar reflector with a maximum 20M2 radar cross section is suitable for 8-15 metres sailing yachts - see photos of this being suspended from the spreaders by Arc rally entrants at Las Palmas -RIBs and motor cruisers. Suitable for mast, deck bracket or halyard suspension. Fully tested by QinetiQ. Exceeds RORC/ORC/WCC/ISAF requirement of 10M2.

@+/-3°-20m² peak, 75% @2.5m², 100% @1.25m²


  • Height: 450mm

  • Width: 245mm

  • Fixing centres: 408mm

  • Fixing holes: 8mm

  • Weight: 1.9kg

Mounting options:

Sailing Yachts - Halyard Mount

Echomax reflectors use a symmetrical arrangement of interacting corners. Whilst its centreband response pattern is maintained at 15° tilt RCS is -5dB. To counter this, and avoid 'mast shadow'.

Pass a bight over the yardarm via a dead eye. Return bight through reflectors eye and secure taking lines through bight. Take tails through reflectors bottom eye and then to separate cleats via loops at --xx--.


Yachtsmen will be aware of the need to trim the reflector when on the reverse tack, failure to do so will result in compounding the angle of heel rendering the reflector inefficient.

Note: Reflector trimmed to leeward 15°. Mast heeling to 30°

EM230 Midi Black

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