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EM230i DuPont metallized, lacquered and spunbonded fabric array with PVC case. Folds down neatly to pocket size and is an ideal addition to the grab bag for emergency use. QinetiQ recorded an astonishing a maximum response of 25.6M2 - (SPL 4.1M2) exceeding the 10M2 WCC : ISAF : ORC and RORC requirements by two fold. With each product we supply a Certified QinetiQ Linear diagram in case required by the race scuitineers. Can be mounted from halyards or with optional three piece glass fibre rod kit.  Also suitable for dinghy or liferaft use. For six years sea trial report on the EM230i please see .

From June 2012 the EM230i is now made completely by us in our new factory using our new four HF - Welding machines


**Rod kit shown is sold separately***

EM230i Inflatable

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Rod kit shown is an additional extra and can purchased separately

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