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  • Environmentally Friendly: Turns sea water or impure water into drinking water utilizing solar radiation. No electricity needed.  

  • Safety at sea: An ideal addition to the grab bag for any ocean going yachtsman - you are always sure to have drinking water.

  • Competitive: The solar still costs only a fraction of the price of a mechanical or electrical unit.

  • Proven reliabitlity: The solar still has been used for over fifty years by military and civilian services around the world.  

  • NATO stock number 4610-99-553-9955

  • Instructions in 6 languages. 

Aquamate solar stills are light, compact and very easy to use.

The still will produce 500-2000 ccs of water per day.

Packs neatly away to 36x22x6cm and weights just 1349 gms.

Made from Phthalate free PVC

Solar Still

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